Friday, February 6, 2009

Seat Belt For Bags..??

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Seat Belt For Bags?

Is Just An Ordinary Seat Belt But Useful In Times...

Bags on the seat could knock people's head when the car all of a sudden BRAKE & that's dangerous!!

For Example, the driver all of a sudden brakes and the bag at the back of the seat could " fly "
& hit someone's head in front!

Here Is A Bag With A "Bag Seat Belt " & Here Is One That Doesn't Have One..

With “ Bag Seat Belt “


Without “ Bag Seat Belt ”

Now Here Is What Will Happen....With the one that Have " Bag Seat Belt" & Not

With “ Bag Seat Belt “ Without “ Bag Seat Belt ”

Now, Is it GOOD to use the " Bag Seat Belt " or not... [ Vote On the Poll..]

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