Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sony VAIO X Series.

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VAIO X Series.

World's Lightest Notebook.*

" The new VAIO® X Series notebook is the world's lightest notebook. Just how light are we talking? At a mere 1.6 pounds and just about a half-inch thin, you might just forget you're carrying it. If you're looking for an ultra-portable PC with killer styling, the X Series is all you. "

This is the Slimmest, Thinnest, & Lightest Notebook I have ever seen!!!
And it is also equipped with Windows 7!!

It weight??

2 GB.

RM 5,299.**

( what??!!! RM 5,299??!! Yes, it is more expensive than a netbook! .I thought It Might Be Cheaper.. )

( Above info is for for version VPCX117LG. For the other versions please click here )

What I like about it. ( according to it's mentioned features in their website. )

  • Slim & Thin; measures not even an inch!!
  • Very portable!!
  • Using Windows 7!!
  • 2 GB RAM!!
  • Battery life up to 6.5 Hours for VPCX117LG & 3.5 Hours for VPCX113KG!!
What I don't like about it. ( according to it's mentioned features in their website. )
  • HDD only 64 GB for version VPCX113 KG.
  • A little pricey...

Besides that,
I would love a notebook like this, it's like a Macbook!!!

that's all for now!!

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