Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Cave Cafe @ SS2 P.Jaya

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The Cave
@ SS2, Petaling Jaya.
Yup, It is in SS2, P.J.

It is actually located at the corner of a row of shop lots..

Its interior & exterior is what captures people's attention. They made their cafe look like a cave! ( from inside out! )

Each table is located in a cave-like room like your very own private room..

Teriyaki Spring Chicken. ( above )

Some of their cocktails and beverages;
LOOK!; The second one is named ' AK 47* '!!!


Their Ambiance And Deco Are Very Good!!
[ 4.5/5 ]

Their Food Are Quite Good;
[ 3/5 ]

In Conclusion ;


SS2 PJ, along the same row of shops as the McDonalds in Jalan SS2/61 and behind Poh Kong jewellers.

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iriene said...

Been there recently. Totally agree with you. It is besides Hong Kong Gems, SS2.

jfook said...


Eyriqazz said...

the place look great..

Great Teacher Onizuka

ev@ngeline -拉着你手,无论是在哪里,我都感觉像是朝天堂... said...

Is that the restaurant still available??

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