Thursday, July 8, 2010

“What If I’m a Russian Spy”

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(The story below is fully fictional & it is for blogging purposes only. )

“What If I am a Russian Spy ?”
" Что, если я русский шпион? "

It all started when I receive an unknown phone call ...

The person on the phone told me they're from the KGB.

Well, of course you wouldn't believe right?

They said they wanted me in a mission; a top-
secret mission.

They wanted a reply in exactly 24 Hours.

But, I still don't believe them....


a military helicopter landed in front of my house & they took me in!

I think I wasn't conscious for a few hours,

Then, when I'm awake, I noticed I was flying above;



The helicopter landed on a helipad on a tall skyscraper, As soon I got down from the chopper, a Russian man greeted me.

He told me his name was Yori Karpov.
He was the man that called me on the phone, and he apologized that he had to break into my house to get me, because he was extremely desperate to take me in this mission he's talking about.

And then he quickly push me to a table as he took out a steel briefcase.

He whispered to me ;
' This is your mission, deliver this case to NN Headquaters. The contents in this briefcase is highly confidential & must be kept safe by all means. '

Before I could reject this mission or ask anything.. we heard a loud explosion!
He quickly ordered me to run to that chopper.

I was in a big state of confusion, there's so many questions left unanswered in my mind;

' What is in this case that is so valuable ? '

' What is the NN Headquaters ? '

' What was that explosion? '

' Why I am the one only able to carry out this misssion? '

As I looked down from the chopper and I saw many men with rifles aiming at Yori Karpov and his men. I think they were asking him about something; then ' BANG!! '
I think they killed Yori.

Most likely, they wanted the case, I was so afraid.

Then, the chopper landed on a field, then I climbed down. The pilot told me to use the motorcycle that was equipped with two guns in case of an emergency.

As soon the chopper departed, there were men with guns surrounding me, they wanted me to surrender the case to them!

Without wasting time, I ran to the motorcycle and took the 2 guns and started shooting at them.

I thought I lost them, but suddenly they came chasing me by cars and started shooting at me, I swerved left and right, crossing junctions & buildings, then I saw an oil tank and I shoot the tank while I swerved beside it.

Then, there was a loud explosion, and they're out of sight.

I hope no bystanders was hurt.

As I rode the motorcycle back, I saw a building that has a familiar logo;

' NN Headquaters!!! ' I thought.

I must bring this case to them, fast.
I quickly ran into the office and there was a man that was waiting for me, I looked at him and he was: Yori Karpov!!

He's still alive!!

I gave him the case, but he asked me to opened it myself , he says that's my reward!

So, I opened it and.....

Salt? Movie Tickets? Sony Bloggie?

' These are why the mobsters were chasing me for..???!!! ' I asked in surprised.

' Yes. ' said Yori.

'What does this 3 items mean? ' I asked.
He just stood in silence.

" So, What do you think these items mean if you are a Russian Spy... "
" Итак, что вы думаете, что эти пункты означает, если вы русский шпион ..."


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Wan Ahmad Nabil said...

haha, woww, nice onee. :)
so imaginative !

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