Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ducks @ Oriental Village, Langkawi.

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Here are some pictures of of Ducks @ Oriental Village, Langkawi. Once you throw some bread crumbs at them they will come follow wherever you go for it. Double click to enlarge.

The view of the lake.


This picture looks like a postcard doesn't it? :D

And this photo is portraying what happens when you try to feed them; they must be very desperate for food until they stepped on the fishes. ( click to enlarge ) Pity the fishes.

They even went out of the lake and onto the walking pavement for food. The duck on the left ( I don't know what species of it ) went chasing & pushing away other ducks to get food.

Well, looks like it's " the battle of the fittest " for them.

That's all for now!


ken said...

been there.. kinda boring.. lol.. somemore the skybridge not open.. =/

Iriene said...

Yeah, the sky bridge was closed for maintenance when I was there too.
Nice pictures, really look like from
the postcards. Great job, keep it up!

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