Monday, September 14, 2009

Life Of A Bean Sprout.. [ Parody Version ]

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There Was A Bean Sprout ( Taugeh ) I Found Growing Under The Sink Of My House's Toilet...
I Didn't Know How Did It Get There.

Here Is The Life Of It......... In A PARODY Version!!

One fine day, the little Bean Sprout found himself in a mysterious and unknown place...

Then, he discovered that he was in a.........TOILET!!!!

He don't know how did he get here, neither when did he get here...

As the day goes by, he was living in his " new habitat " that is the toilet...



ON 12/09/09, it was proclaimed ' DEAD! '

Sad Story......

But that's the life of this bean sprout.

Ok, that's all!

1 comment:

iriene said...

What a should have pull it out and fry with char kuey teow..LOL

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