Friday, September 4, 2009

Perspective Point Pictures - Toilet Signs

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Perspective Point Pictures; a new collection of creative, interesting & pondering pictures...

This Week's Topic Is - Toilet Signs

Nowadays, everything is so creative; even toilets!!

Instead of an ordinary toilet sign, the one above is showing a boy peeping a girl!

Besides that, advertising & commercializing is so common nowadays..

Did You Notice On The Left Hand Side; The Above Toilet Sign Is Sponsored By ' Carlsberg ' !

The Above Picture Of A Toilet is showing a women's & men's toilet . Instead Of that , they stated as WO - MEN.


Here is a picture of another toilet sign; THAT IS SHOWING.....

P.S. - I Don't Think This Is Really Being Put Up On A Toilet, BUT It Sure Is Bizarre!!
Maybe, its being put up in a pub; for those people who got drunk and go to the toilet to vomit!! :P

1 comment:

Iriene said...

Your post really make me laugh :D
What on earth does the 'gent' icon
want to do..climbing over to the 'ladies' ! The WO-MEN washroom sign is definitely very creative...good, keep it up!

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