Friday, October 9, 2009

Life Of An Ant..... [ PARODY VERSION ! ]

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I saw 2 ants helping each other to carry a piece of biscuit in a desert.... ( just joking!! it's on a wall )

- This Story Took Place On A Wall In My House; BUT TO AN ANT, IT WILL LOOK LIKE A BIG, WIDE SAHARA DESERT... ( So, this story will take place in a " desert " to an ant... )

There was an ant carrying a piece of biscuit crumb..

They both help each other for " days"...

...despite the "storm", "wind", and "hurricanes!! "

In the BIG,WIDE, Treacherous " Desert "; only both of them are there...

They have to go against the wind to reach their home...

There're all alone in the WIDE , pointless, endless "desert ",

They felt Very, Very Tired...

All of a sudden his friend vanished OUT OF SIGHT!!

( Comment On This Post On Your Very Own Ending Of This Story.. )


iriene said...

I guess the other ant go to make an urgent phone call. It is calling the 'Mover' for help...LOL

Family of Four said...

Most likely it lost its hold on the 'wall desert' and is somewhere on the floor below due to gravitational pull.

theeggyolks said...

Maybe he saw a "leng lui" ant and ran off like that??

nafetS said...

hey Jemsen,
thanks for your comment on the photos ya... XD
droppin' by here also!

JamesKYTan said...

The ant's friend was swept by the " sandstorm " of the mighty Sahara Desert. So the ant ploded on and on alone. At last, he saw a sexy voluptuous female ant at the horizon. This gives him extra energy to carry on. When he reached there there was no sexy voluptuous female ant. It was a mirage.

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Thanks for all ur interesting comments for the endings.. :D

le-King said...

the mighty hand of the giant that had been watching over them had squished it

Jemsen said...

haha! :D

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