Monday, June 8, 2009

Highlights From Malacca ...

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A few days ago, my family & I went to Malacca.

When we arrived there, we ate at the ' Malacca Jonker Street Chicken Rice Ball ' .
It was delicious, especially the chicken rice ball & deep fried meat!

But before we entered, there was a banner stated ' CHICKEN RICE BALL EATING CHALLENGE ' Wow! To those chicken rice ball lover, you may join in the fun!

As we went off after lunch, we saw a few trishaws on the street.

BUT, this trishaw below is unique . Notice The DiGi logo on it ?

Buses & taxis have ads on it, BUT this time even trishaws have ads!!

Then, we saw the ' Eye On Malaysia' . Originally, it was situated at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, but now it is situated at Malacca!

During The Day...

During The Night...

Then, we went back to KL. As we pass by the highway to KL, we saw this DiGi Ad on the billboard!

Okay! That all !! =)

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yungchien said...

hello~ :)
sorry im not from dJ
im from DU
2005 or 2006 Cengal :)

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