Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review Of Transformers 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen

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I watched Transformers 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen a few days ago..

Well, the movie was a little bit draggy, as it is 2 hours +


It was very nice!!!!!!!!!!

5 STARS!! =D

The flim was shot at Egypt !

They also featured new Autobots as well as new Decepticons.

Characters >


Optimus Prime
Jetfire ( used to be a Decepticon, But choose to become an Autobot )
The Twins - Mudflap & Skids
Wheelie ( Wheelie initially serves the Decepticons just because he is scared by them, but during the movie he is convinced by Jetfire that they are allowed to choose sides)


The Fallen
The Doctor

Devastator ( a combinations of a few Decepticons )
Pretender ( a Decepticon who stalks Sam by transforming into a human form )

Starring >

Shia LaBeouf
Megan Fox
Josh Duhamel
Tyrese Gibson
John Turturro

For more info you can click here !


Family of Four said...


I was more awed by its sounds and dazzling special effects than the story-line. Like many of my generation,we found the film's plot to be wafer thin but the film made up this shortfall immensely by sight, sounds and eye-candy in the astral form of Megan Fox.

A third installment may just be in the works.

Unc JH

JY Shops said...

wow.. i not yet watched ler...

Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

New kid in Dj eh? What class and form you in? Link me or follow me or, yeah either haha

little prince's mummy said...

So many ppl went to watch transformer.. I not yet watch leh..

Movie Rating Guide. :)

Lately, I've changed my movie ratings a little. (:

Plot :

is the flow & structural plot of the movie itself.

Storyline :

the overall idea & the concept of the movie.


The character's overall acting & character built-up in the movie. Or for animation, the voices & character built-up too.

Effects* :

The visual effects, 3D effects, movie scores/music, graphics, animation of a movie respective to it's genre.

SO, there it is. Thanks! :)