Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speak Up To Go Green!

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Go Green!! Save Electricity ! Save The Earth!!!

Speak Up For The Rights Of The Earth!!

Remember ' Earth Hour ' ? - Switch Off Your Lights.. You Can Do It Even It Is Over!!
' One off switch can change everything!! '

You can also help to contribute to the environment by clicking on the image below...


For every click, DiGi donates RM 5.00 to any one of those charity & resource centre!


Iriene said...

I like it, very Nice especially the Digi Hand try to switch off the light. Very creative... Keep it Up!

guaichaikid said...

sadly i din get it..":(

Isla said...

Hey Jemsen,have you heard of I heard that the website has lots of cool benefits…

Merryn said...

gd gd! :D

Merryn said...

i've supported digi to save the world. i've click on ur digi ad

taqi5007 said...

save the world!!! yeah.. i like it..haha..

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