Monday, March 22, 2010

Korea Trip 2010 Album - [ PART 1 - 5 ]

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PART 1: NAMSAN TOWER a.k.a N Seoul Tower >> Click Here to View. .
PART 2 : Lovers' Locks @ Namsan Tower >> Click Here to View.
PART 3: Korean Food >> Click Here to View..
PART 4 : Gyeongbokgung Palace >> Click Here to View.
PART 5 : Namdaemun Market >> Click Here To View.

Do have a look at those posts and leave a comment,
Thank You.

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kenwooi said...

you must have really enjoyed yourself there.. i wish i can go there once again =)

jemsen said...

Dear Ken,

I really enjoyed my trip in Seoul.
This was my 3rd visit to South Korea. I hope to visit again in autumn and during 'cherry blossom' to enjoy different season and ambience. I love to read your post very much especially your Europe trip :)

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