Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review Of : Catch Me If You Can

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I had just watched ' Catch Me If You Can '

The movie is actually shown in cinemas in 2002..but  I didn't watch it then so I watch it on the DVD. :)

The film is directed by Steven Spielberg.

The movie's story is based on a True Story of Frank Abagnale, a real 
check forger & impersonator.. 

The story of the movie is about Frank Abagnale Jr. ( acted by Dicaprio ) who has successfully conned millions of dollars worth of checks by impersonating as a Pan America co-pilot,a doctor & a legal prosecutor.But then Carl, ( acted by Hanks) an FBI agent tracks him down in pursuit to catch him..

When I first saw the movie's cover/poster, I thought it's a simple movie but then, when I watched the movie, its quite a good film. Suspense plot.

My Rating?

Plot : 4.25/5
Storyline : 3.75/5
Scoring** : 3/5
OVERALL : 8.25/10.

The Trailer :


Alif said...

based on true story?? :O

Celeste said...

the book was even better :P

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Alif,yeah..it was an adaptation from the book with the same title.. :)

@Celeste, oh..lots of movies adaptation from books, people say not that good..but I didn't read the book..so yeah. :)

reanaclaire said...

hello.. i came by via Innit.. amazed by your blog reviews.. can you please drop me an email? I would like to share some reviews with you regarding to paid ones..




JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@reabclaire, paid ones?? okay. :)

Philip Khor said...

i still have the postcard they gave out for free, but i never watched it. sigh.

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Philip, oh.hahah..lol. :P

yeeing said...

Ohh, looks nice, so where can I get it nao since its from 2002 :O

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@yeeing, you can get it on DVD. :)

irene said...

dvd got le?

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Irene, yes. :)

Small Kucing said...

have this show. Yet to watch

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Small Kucing, oh..if you're free..you should watch it :)

Movie Rating Guide. :)

Lately, I've changed my movie ratings a little. (:

Plot :

is the flow & structural plot of the movie itself.

Storyline :

the overall idea & the concept of the movie.


The character's overall acting & character built-up in the movie. Or for animation, the voices & character built-up too.

Effects* :

The visual effects, 3D effects, movie scores/music, graphics, animation of a movie respective to it's genre.

SO, there it is. Thanks! :)