Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review Of : Flightplan

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Yes, I know I'm late in writing this review on this film; FLIGHTPLAN. This film is actually shown in 2005, but I did not watch it, so I watched it on DVD. :)

This movie is acted by Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard & Sean Bean and
directed by Robert Schwentke.

The story goes by a bereaved woman named Kyle Pratt ( acted by Jodie Foster ) and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America because of her husband's death. At 30,000 feet her daughter vanishes and nobody admits she was ever on that plane and causes the whole plane in a state of confusion & havoc. 

Did she ever brought her daughter into the plane or is she taken by someone?? 
Paranoia & anxiety throughout the whole film..

A very suspense plot with a twist of the story that leaves the viewer in a state of suspense to find out whether is Kyle is  seeing what she's seeing..

My Rating?

Plot : 4.5/5
Storyline : 3.75/5
Scoring** : 3.5/5
OVERALL : 8.5/10.

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Alif said...

missed this movie at the cinemas.. :P

Melvino said...

Hey! I watched this movie before. it was so twisty the plot! Great write up dude.

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Alif, too, that's why I watched it on DVD. :)

@Melvino, Great movie! I agree.. thanks! ;D

alvinontherocks said...

Real old movie but a good movie none the less! Nice review.

PrisCielLa said...

eee I want watch! you make me suspense. xP ghost take her daughter ar?

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@alvinontherocks, Thanks! yeah, quite suspense.. :)

@PrisCielLa, You watch for yourself & find out! xD

K@TTIE said...

Watched it're right.
Twist if the story. :O

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@K@TTIE, yeah! ;)

soulesscloudy said...

great movie... flash back my memory that year.. hehe...

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@soulesscloudy, yeah!:)

Movie Rating Guide. :)

Lately, I've changed my movie ratings a little. (:

Plot :

is the flow & structural plot of the movie itself.

Storyline :

the overall idea & the concept of the movie.


The character's overall acting & character built-up in the movie. Or for animation, the voices & character built-up too.

Effects* :

The visual effects, 3D effects, movie scores/music, graphics, animation of a movie respective to it's genre.

SO, there it is. Thanks! :)