Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review Of : The Tourist

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I had watched the film ' The Tourist ' 

The film is directed by Florian Henckel and acted by Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie.

Quite a good film. 

Interesting storyline.

The story goes by Elise (acted by Angelina Jolie) sits next to an American tourist, Frank (acted by Johnny Depp), on a train going to Venice. She has chosen him as a decoy, making believe that he is her lover who is wanted for police. Not only will they need to evade the police, but also the mobster whose money her lover stole.

If you're hoping for a full-action packed film, this film is not fully action-packed with guns shooting & explosions . But, this film is rather comedic & hilarious. 

This film is based on a French film called, " Anthony Zimmer " 

But, " The Tourist " has a twist of a story at the end. ( watch the movie and you'll find out ;) 

My Rating?

Plot : 4.5/5
Storyline : 3.75/5
Comedy** : 4.25/5
OVERALL : 8.5/10.

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Jayy... said...

I want to watch!! ;D

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Jayy, yeah.good movie. :)

Alif said...

I'm gonna watch it soon... =)
hope its good...:D

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Alif, oh..yeah. ;D

Small Kucing said...

Hi! Merry Christmeas. Been very busy for the past week. Didnt have time to blog hop.

If not mistaken there is a book on this movie

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Small Kucing, ahah..Merry Christmas to u too. :) oh, there is? :O

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Omg i wan watch la!!! :O

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@YEEINGNG, ahah...yeah!:)

Melvino said...

Have yet to watch it. But from the looks of it.. It looks good.

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Melvino, yup! unexpected. :)

Joanne said...

angelina jolie!

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Joanne, ahah..most people want to watch this movie is bcoz of Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie. :P

Del Glamiva said...

Hey there Jemsen! Thanks for reading Glamiva! =D I still love the story nonetheless, though it doesn't seem real to me.

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

@Del Glamiva, oh.. :O ahah.. :)

Movie Rating Guide. :)

Lately, I've changed my movie ratings a little. (:

Plot :

is the flow & structural plot of the movie itself.

Storyline :

the overall idea & the concept of the movie.


The character's overall acting & character built-up in the movie. Or for animation, the voices & character built-up too.

Effects* :

The visual effects, 3D effects, movie scores/music, graphics, animation of a movie respective to it's genre.

SO, there it is. Thanks! :)