Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Disney's Cars 2

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Yup, you heard me right, CARS 2 is coming into cinemas next year ( 2011 ).

Cars 1 that was screened during 2006, it earned more than $400 million at worldwide box office.

From the success of Cars 1, the team had created a sequel, Cars 2.

But, Cars 2 take a whole lot different scene into a Global World Tour.Togetehr, Lighting McQueen  & Mater together embark into Europe & Japan. But, their journey got caught up by an international intrigue, an espionage. And they are joined in their adventure by a new car on the scene, British superspy Finn McMissile.

In my mind, when I first saw this car; was a James Bond Aston Martin, and I was right!

The design of Finn McMissile (above) is inspired by the ultimate spy car, James Bond's silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5.

The Official Trailer in below, watch it and tell me what you think of it. 

James Bond? Spy Action-Packed Movie?

Yup, that's what I thought too.

Looks like James Bond & spy movies has gone animated! :D 

Well, we've have to wait to find out ! :) 


Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

wah cant wait lah this movie to come out..

mesti fun as the previous one

Anonymous said...

seriously can't wait for this film. =]

Movie Rating Guide. :)

Lately, I've changed my movie ratings a little. (:

Plot :

is the flow & structural plot of the movie itself.

Storyline :

the overall idea & the concept of the movie.


The character's overall acting & character built-up in the movie. Or for animation, the voices & character built-up too.

Effects* :

The visual effects, 3D effects, movie scores/music, graphics, animation of a movie respective to it's genre.

SO, there it is. Thanks! :)