Sunday, November 14, 2010

“My Magical Journey”

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Which part of Narnia would I explore?

Well, I don't know much of Narnia, .. Well, untill :

Untill, I was teleported  into the World of Narnia...

I arrived at a beautiful place in the land of Narnia called Cair Paravel..

Cair Paravel is a very wonderful place.... 

And as I entered into Cair Paravel, a lion named Aslan greeted me..

Well, I wasn't really that shocked thst I was talking to a lion, since this is a magical land. :P 

He told me all that was Narnia before the reign of The White Witch...

" The White Witch ? " i asked in confusion.
" The White Witch made the whole of Narnia covered with snow for years..." he replied. 

I learned that there isn't spring,summer nor autumn in this land..only the freezing cold winter..

In order to save Narnia from the reign of the cold-blooded, evil White Witch, I am to fight her...
I was so shocked & I told him I can't.

I asked him ( it ), since his the rightful king of Narnia, he can go into battle, but he say I am the chosen one.. 

" it's like from some story " I thought in my mind..

I just arrive in this land & now they're asking me to fight an evil witch?!! 

What made be even more depressed, is that the battle is tomorrow!

But, the Narnians were on my side by supporting me. 

The Narnians thought me how to fight in a battle during that evening..

On the day, Aslan & the Narnians equipped me with the armor and a 
magical sword and a magical box..

As I looked out through the window, I saw The White Witch with her army.

I gasp in fear but I toughen up myself and said to my self that the fate of Narnia in in my hands.

I took my first step out , then Aslan stopped me and said; " The items in the magical box will unleash great power. But, use it when in great need. " . 

I nodded and headed out in battle.


We had a 1-on-1 battle.

She headed for me and took her sword trying to slash my arm, but my shield protected me as I quickly grab my sword to stab her.

She swerve to the side like nothing.
Then, she tried to stab me as I quickly turn to the side and leap back into action.

I tried to stab her but she defended with her sword and flung my sword into the air.

Looks like I wasn't prepared  fro fighting yet... ( obviously, especially when fighting a witch. )

I ran in attempt to retrieve my sword , but before I could grab it, a sword when flying through the air like a throw knife and stuck onto the ground. 

I was afraid as I took the swords out and charge to her.

But her strength was too powerful and I went to the ground.



I felt like all hope was lost untill I took out the Magical Box.

In that box contain nothing but a book that states " The Chronicles Of Narnia "

" WHAT! ", Aslan expects me to use a book to fight The White Witch?

" Unleashes great power?!! " I thought in anger.

But I turned my head around and saw The White Witch running towards me with her sword held high aiming to me!

I was scared as I threw the book towards her.

To my astonishment the book opened and it formed into some sort of  blackhole and dragged the White Witch into the book!

In a blink of an eye, she vanished into the book.

Everyone was astonished & shocked. Then, minutes later, all the Narnians applauded in joy!

Now, Narnia is saved from the reign of The White Witch.
And peace is restored to this land.

All the Narnians  want me to stay, I wanted to decline but I can't leave this beautiful land, so I decided to stay.

So, what can I do in here? I decided to write a book about my experience in Narnia.
Of course I wouldn't use my own name in this story, so, I decided to change the story into a story of 4 siblings into an unknown land called Narnia.

Well, you might have been wondering who am I ?

Well, my name is Lewis; Clive Staples Lewis or C.S. Lewis for short. 

Maybe you're the only person that heard of my name. But I hope that my stories will inspire many other people in this world and I hope that it maybe a movie! :) 


* the story above if fully fictional.

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domokun said...

haha good one XD she vanished into the book.loll aiyoo i am a big big fan of narnia!!!!XD

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